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Bill C-279 passes in the House of Commons!

Bill C-279 was passed at third reading in the House of Commons. It now goes to the Senate.

This bill adds “gender identity” to our federal human rights protections and to our hate crime legislation.

From the Canadian Press:

A bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against transgender Canadians was approved by the House of Commons on Wednesday.

The Opposition private member’s legislation passed by a vote of 149-137, with the crucial support of 18 Conservatives, including four cabinet ministers.

[Foreign Affairs Minister John] Baird, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and Heritage Minister James Moore were among the Conservatives who supported the bill. [Ed. - St. Boniface MP Shelley Glover also supported the bill.] Prime Minister Stephen Harper, most of his front bench and the vast majority of his backbenchers opposed it.

Opposition parties were united in their support for the bill, sponsored by New Democrat Randall Garrison.

Unfortunately, coverage of “gender expression” was dropped from the final version to address concerns that the term is not well defined.

To see how your MP voted check here.