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Archive for 'Local'

Manitoba no longer requires surgery to change gender on birth documents!

The Province of Manitoba issued this wonderful news today.

Changes that take effect Feb. 1 through the Vital Statistics Agency (VSA) will allow a change to the sex designation on Manitoba birth registrations and certificates without requiring proof of surgery, Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection Minister Ron Lemieux announced today.

“This [...]

Writing Trans Genres, May 22-24, 2014

Writing Trans Genres is an upcoming conference in Winnipeg (May 22-24) that will develop critical contexts for reading and interpreting trans* writing.
Writing Trans Genres invites writers, performers, critics, and community members to participate in developing critical contexts for reading and interpreting an emerging body of literature by transgender, transsexual, two [...]

Manitoba to allow gender change on birth certificate without surgery!

The Government of Manitoba has introduced legislation to allow the change of gender marker on birth certificates without the requirement of surgery.
CBC reports:
The minister responsible for the Vital Statistics Act, Ron Lemieux, said proposed changes he introduced Friday mean transgender Manitobans will not have to undergo surgery to change the sexual designation on [...]

Another article in the Wpg Free Press

A lengthy article,  A life reclaimed: The final symbolic step of transitioning appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press recently.
Last year, Manitoba saw a spike in the number of people seeking to change their sex, at least on paper.
For most of the last five years, only nine Manitobans asked Vital Statistics to change the male [...]

Article in Wpg Free Press

A 4-page article, For Winnipeg’s transgender community, journey to a new identity is life-affirming, featuring some local trans folk, health care providers, and insights from the recent CPATH conference appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press recently.

For Winnipeg’s transgender community, journey to a new identity is life-affirming

Manitoba to add “gender identity” to human rights code

The provincial government has introduced legislation that would explicitly ban discrimination based on “gender identity”.
The press release:
May 23, 2012

– – –
Changes Would Further Protect Manitobans from Discrimination, Streamline Resolution Process: Swan

Changes to Manitoba’s Human Rights Code would ensure Manitobans are further protected from discrimination based on gender [...]

Name changes to require fingerprinting by police

Province of Manitoba news release:

May 5, 2011
– – –
Fingerprints Would Link Changes of Name to Criminal Records: Mackintosh
The province would provide police with greater certainty in the protection of all Manitobans by requiring applicants for changes of name to undergo fingerprinting, Family Services [...]

Kate McDonald — Book Launch

Title: Kate McDonald — Book LaunchLocation: McNally Robinson (Grant Park, Winnipeg)
Start Time: 19:00:00Date: 2010-06-14Description: Flying Blind (and getting there just the same): The Transitioner’s Handbook
Born into the middle sex, Kate finally put her foot down and said “That’s enough – time to remove all the confusion.” This is a handbook for anyone going through the [...]

MB Human Rights Commission issues gender identity guideline

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has just issued a new guideline document:
Protections from discrimination based on gender identity; Your Rights, Your Obligations identifies protections from discrimination on the basis of gender identity under The Human Rights Code (Manitoba) in employment, services and housing.
It is posted on their website. There is also an article about [...]