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Dr. Ian Whetter

870 Portage Ave.

Dr. Whetter is a primary-care physician (family doctor) specializing in transgender patients. His practice is based at Klinic (see below). If you already have one, he is also available to consult with your family doctor regarding transgender issues.

Klinic Community Health Centre

870 Portage Ave.
784-4094 (new patients) or 784-4090 (existing patients)

Klinic Community Health Center is a Trans Aware & Trans Friendly agency.  We provide services such as STI screening and treatment and Pap smears on a walk-in basis to all individuals of need regardless of their sexual orientation or gender status.  We consider transgender individuals experiencing difficulties in getting or maintaining access to Primary Care among our priority populations for acceptance into our Health Services Primary Care program for ongoing medical care.  Individuals with HIV or HepC infections or those who are refugees or other newcomers to Canada are also given priority for acceptance into the Health Services Program for ongoing care of their medical needs.

Gender Dysphoria Assessment and Action for Youth (GDAAY): Manitoba & Area Program for Transgender Youth

Initial Contact:
Pediatric Endocrinology
FE 307-685 William Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0Z2
(204) 787-7435

The GDAAY team offers coordinated and integrated care for youth (under 18) along the spectrum of gender dysphoria. We provide youth and their families with supportive services including assessment and treatment.

Nine Circles Community Health Centre

705 Broadway

Nine Circles offers services to support the prevention of HIV and STI’s through Testing at our drop-in testing and treatment clinic (940-6000) and coordinated medical services for Manitobans living with HIV. Nine Circles also offers prevention education and supports, workshops, resources and harm reduction tools through our Health Educators and the Manitoba HIV/STI Information line (945-2437 or 1-800-782-2437). Nine Circles is committed to maintaining safe, responsive and appropriate services to all our clients. We are knowledgable and competent in the provision of health care to the GLBTTQ* community.

Mount Carmel Clinic

886 Main St.

Mount Carmel Clinic physician services are similar to Klinic’s, plus it has a dental program, pharmacy, X-Ray and lab on site, all available to clients of Mount Carmel Clinic. Mount Carmel gives priority to patients who live in the North End and those who participate in Mount Carmel programs such as Sage House.

Corydon Primary Health Care

Unit 102 Corydon Ave.

This is a drop-in clinic that is GLBT-friendly. You can also make appointments to see a doctor who will deal with GLBT issues.

Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre

120 Tecumseh

As the name suggests, the centre (which also has an office on Broadway) helps troubled teens. Its counsellors and social workers are working to find ways to help TG kids sort out their feelings in safe environments.

Manitoba Health

300 Carlton St
786-7380 or 1-800-392-1207 ext. 7380

Questions about what services Manitoba Health covers for transgendered patients can be addressed to Deborah Slobogian-Jones, Manager of Out-of-Province Claims, 786-7380 or 1-800-392-1207 ext 7380. Deborah can also help you change the gender designation on your health card.

Dr. Jule Henderson

The Wolseley Elm, 146 Arlington St. (at Westminster)

Dr. Henderson is a clinical psychologist, registered in Manitoba, who works in a comfortable, home-like setting in private practice.  She provides therapy for transgender individuals and their families, as well as psychological assessments, like those required prior to hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery. She has worked with the transgender community for over 25 years, and also offers consultation to other service providers, including professional training.  Services from a psychologist are not covered by Medicare, though they often are reimbursable through third party health insurance plans.  (Some insurance companies require a referral from a medical doctor.)

The Winnipeg Transgender Group provides links to other organizations as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding them or any information related thereto. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding these organizations must be directed to the appropriate organization.

Klinic Community Health Centre